There are many unknowns about the Amish, as they prefer to keep to themselves due to their beliefs and communities. One question that some people may be wondering is: how do the Amish celebrate holidays?

It may come as no surprise that the Amish do not celebrate Halloween, due to its connotations and roots in Paganism. But just because they don't celebrate Halloween doesn't mean there aren't other holidays they celebrate. In fact, one October holiday they celebrate is "Micheal's Day," which occurs on October 11. Keep reading below for more interesting holidays the Amish celebrate! 

The summer is ending, and Western North Carolina is gearing up for fall. Quite possibly one of the best seasons, part of the allure of fall is the cozy home décor and feel-good treats of the season!

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The Amish have an interesting way of life and seemingly have mastered surviving off the grid and while this way of life is unusual to most modern societies, there are many things to be learned to utilize within your daily lives! Diving into the Amish lifestyle, there are some genius housekeeping practices that you may want to adopt!