How Amish Furniture is Made

Amish made furniture is popular for many reasons, such as the quality, solid wood design, and the humble craftspeople who meticulously work out all the details of these iconic, American made pieces. Not much is thought about how the furniture is actually made, in fact, in the modern society we live in these days runs completely parallel with Amish culture as we know it. We’re more concerned with getting what we want, when we want, than we are of where our stuff actually comes from and the behind the scenes of it all.

This is in stark contrast to Amish culture, where dedication, hard work, craftsmanship and humility take precedence over pride and instant gratification. In fact, a primary reason people often choose Amish furniture is to be mindful and acknowledge the skill and patience that goes in to the building process, and recognizing the impact these traits have on the overall quality of the product.

You’ve brought the perfect piece of furniture home from the store. You put a lot of time and thought into considering which piece you loved best and the day has come that you get to bring it home.
Amish furniture is an investment, and it will last a really long time if cared for properly. Many families have Amish furniture that has been in the family for a couple centuries and it almost looks as new as when they first got their hands on it. This is a testament to the quality, but also to the proper care and keeping of the piece over time.

You may be a first-time buyer of Amish furniture and interested in the quality of the pieces but need some convincing before you spend the money for it. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having high quality wood furniture but have held back because of the cost. Maybe you’re a new home owner and you’ve decided to buy a piece or two of Amish furniture to furnish your new house. This is a guide for those who are on the fence about buying Amish furniture and need some more information before taking the plunge and picking out something.

One of the main reasons many people are interested in purchasing Amish made furniture is the sheer quality of the pieces fresh from the woodshop. Another reason is that it’s beautiful and unique and no two pieces are the same. Read on for more reasons why you should buy Amish furniture.

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When browsing your local hardware store looking for something to protect and seal your furniture, you could be thinking you can use either a stain or a finish to achieve the look you’re after. What few people know is that even though the two terms are used interchangeably, they aren’t the same thing. The confusion started when a particular brand of both of wood stains and finishes mislabeled their products and ever since it’s been the bane of many a woodworker or furniture crafter’s existence. No one is really sure how they came about mislabeling such a popular and useful product, and to this day, it’s still a mystery. Anyhow, the two are different. We’re going to explain that difference and how each enhances your furniture.