Even if your bedroom is on the small side, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to store nearly anything in it. From the furniture you buy to what you put on your walls, you can find clever storage solutions that will help clear the clutter and keep everything you need close at hand.

Buying furniture at Heartland means you’ll always get high-quality, handmade Amish furniture that’s crafted right here in America. But there are times when you might need a piece to fit a specific space, you want something unique to display cherished mementos, or you want to invest in a one-of-a-kind item that you can pass down to future generations. That’s when we can help you create a piece of custom furniture!

Here are just some of the benefits to designing a custom-made piece of furniture for your Asheville home:

When you’re considering your next piece of handcrafted Amish furniture for your home, you’ll probably notice that many of our dressers, cabinets, and tables have soft close drawers. Soft close drawers are just another way you can tell that you’re investing in high-quality furniture that’s built to last.

Soft close drawers have been installed with glides that prevent them from slamming shut — the glides gently and automatically pull the drawer closed the last few inches. The drawer glides can be side mounted or undermounted. While side-mounted glides are easier to install, undermounted glides have no visible hardware and allow drawers to be slightly wider.

If you’re investing in quality, handmade, heirloom furniture, it’s helpful to know what to look for to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. One important way to spot quality craftsmanship in furniture is to look at the way its joints are constructed. Here are some common forms of wood joinery, from weakest to strongest. (You can see images of these and other types of joinery by clicking here.)

Butt joints are the most common and weakest form of wood joinery. A butt joint is made by fitting the end of one board flat against the other, forming an “L” or “T” shape. This type of construction doesn’t allow much space for glue, which means that the piece can easily be pulled apart and will break quickly, even under normal wear and tear.

You’ve probably put a lot of thought and care into choosing the furniture for your home, but did you know that choosing area rugs is also important? Area rugs can change the entire look of a room, and it’s fun to play with different colors, textures, and styles. Here are five things to think about when choosing area rugs for your home: