There is no doubt that Amish furniture boasts attention to detail. No corners are cut and these luxurious details make all the difference. Check out the soft closing doors on this piece. Highly superior to a slam! You'll find the same in drawers, giving you a smooth glide that closes without additional force, keeping the furniture in better shape.

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A particular area of interest in our region is environmental impact. Luckily, Amish furniture production has a low impact on the environment! Here are some reasons that Amish furniture is more environmentally-friendly than mass produced furniture:

The main material used in Amish furniture is wood, normally choice hardwoods from sustainable forests.
Unlike plastic, which spends ends up in a landfill, wood is biodegradable. Wood Amish furniture will last a very long time and can be passed down through generations. You don't have to worry about disposing of it and resell value is generally good.

Wood used in making Amish furniture comes from trees grown in America, so there is no fuel being used to import the materials. 100% of Amish-made furniture is crafted by hand, not by power tools. They rely on natural lighting, decreasing the amount of electrical energy it takes to make the furniture.

Most Amish furniture is made per order, so there is no need for mass storage, which also reduces energy costs needed to power a storage facility.

Few things embody leisure and relaxation like an Adirondack chair. That first cookout of spring, backyard celebrations, a summer night by the fire—your outdoor furniture provides the setting for so many memories. To give you a headstart on warm weather planning, we're stocking up on outdoor poly...especially folding Adirondacks, but we also have tables, gliders, rockers, bistro and full sets. Our gorgeous handmade poly furniture is crafted from 95% recycled content and is virtually maintenance free! Enjoy nature with friends and family lounging on your deck and not worrying about the upkeep of your outdoor furniture. 



Be on trend with the new neutral- gray furniture!

We’re loving the way gray wood adds texture and dimension to a room. Gray can soften the contrast between bold colors and surfaces, providing the perfect bridge between warms and cools, and making colors pop!

Sometimes, freshening up your home decor requires some out-of-the-box thinking. Usually, if we'd like to change up a room's look, we think about changing its central colors. But rather than repaint the walls or swap out the curtains, you should try transitioning to a different neutral color. And that's where gray can provide a stunning new dimension to all the warms and cools that comprise a room's palette. Whether it's the dining room chairs, or the end tables in your living room, gray furniture can reinvigorate any space. Stop by our showroom today to see our elegant array of gray handmade furniture!

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Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece. Live edge slabs can work in any room of the house. They make beautiful tabletops for dining tables or coffee tables. Bases for the table can be natural or made out of boards, or even metal for an industrial look. They’re also great in smaller applications like wall-mounted shelves, presentation boards, wine racks, and bar stools.
Much like a thumbprint or snowflake, each live edge piece is unique. When deciding to go with live edge, it's kind of nice to know that you will have a piece that no one else will have! Come see what we have in the showroom. Here are a few examples that we have had, but we are getting new stuff all the time!