If you've been needing new furniture but putting it off, now's the time to put it on your list! We have so many styles of quality Amish furniture in the Heartland showroom in Asheville, NC right now. We also put a lot of work into creating custom pieces for our clients, so consider adding those extras now so you can start of the new year right!

Some custom pieces can be quite a challenge but we love the pay off...and so do our customers! 

"Randy and his team did a wonderful job designing a custom piece for our TV. Not an easy job as there is an existing stone wall to work around. We can’t say enough." -Lisa And Charlie

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We have added a "backroom bargains" tab to our website. We have a limited amount of space here in the Heartland Amish Furniture showroom and need to clear out...even the really good stuff! From media furniture to tables, keep close tabs on the items in the sale section of our website and see what great bargains you can find today!  


One of the best things about Amish Furniture is the quality. And we don't just mean the wood. Hardware is extremely important, as it needs to be able to stand up to years of use.

When looking for furniture consider looking at the hidden elements of your piece of furniture...the drawer glides, hinges and bed assemblies.
With Amish furniture, much care has been taken to ensure that these essential elements are placed in a manner that will provide optimum performance for years to come.
In traditional furniture, glides are often place underneath. The side glides found in our furniture can provide a more stable drawer and smoother operation.

Heavy duty good-quality hinges are also essential.It's amazing how many times door don't sit quite right. You don't have to worry about that with fine Amish furniture.
As far as beds, interlocking systems that use dowels with bolts are sturdier than “L” brackets with screws that go directly into the wood.

The Western North Carolina mountains...a wonderful place to be, especially this time of year. Lots are visitors are starting to wonder what fall will have to offer this year as far as color. Here's a fall foliage report to check out!


Labor Day is over and everyone is in the fall state of mind...ready for pumpkins and boots and ballgames! While we often think of spring cleaning, fall is also a great transitional time to get your home in shape so you will be comfortable inside as the weather gets cold. As you are sprucing up your home, look around and see if you have any areas that need a change. An organizing piece, like a bookcase, can really tie a room together and give you storage space as well. We also have wine cabinets with inner storage that can keep accessories out of sight. Just let us know what you need! We can also customize furniture to suit your space exactly!