When it comes to designing handcrafted custom furniture, wood choice goes a long way in determining the finished look. Different types of wood also offer a range of durability, so, when deciding on your cusotm piece, it's a good idea to find a perfect balance between form and function. Here are five common types of furniture wood and there general characteristics:

Choosing custom furniture means you won't have to settle for anything less than exactly what you want. When shopping for mass-produced furniture, you might find a table that, as a stand-alone, you're in love with. But the piece might not perfectly mesh with the room where you plan to put it. Or maybe you like everything about the table except its skirt or its stain or the wood used to build it. If it's mass-produced, what you see is what you get. But with handmade custom furniture, you're free to modify ever aspect of the piece. You could use an existing table as a reference point, then alter what you don't like. Or you could completely dream up your own design and have a craftsman bring it to life. Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering a specific custom furniture piece:

A common question we hear is "What does dovetail mean?"

Dovetail refers to a type of joint in which two pieces of wood interlock. Joints that have been dovetailed are extremely strong and secure. They are usually used to construct drawers.

Dovetail drawers are recognized by their distinct pattern at the outside corner of a drawer. They look like jigsaw puzzle pieces joined together at a 90 degree angle. When you see a dovetailed joint, you can be assured that it is constructed of solid wood. Drawers are meant to be opened and closed many times and dovetailed joints allow the glides to be placed in a position that protects them from wear and tear.

Hopefully that helps clear up what dovetailing is. When you see that pattern as you look around our store, know that it is a symbol of strength, durability and craftsmanship.


Solid, beautifully made furniture seems to be hard to come by in today’s age. With the prevalence of mass marketing, furniture is becoming more and more disposable, showing wear and breaking down after just a few years.

When making furniture decisions for your home, please stop to consider the long run. The old saying “buy nice or buy twice” is more true than ever. Simply put, sometimes spending more is the economical way to go.

Real, solid wood furniture is a sound investment and Amish made furniture takes it a step beyond. With timeless techniques such a dovetailing joints instead of using screws and glue, you can see that your furniture was made by someone who knows the wood and knows how to craft it into a work of art. These functional works of art become tomorrow’s heirlooms and can be passed down from generation to generation. With a variety of timeless styles available, you can feel great about your decision.