Placing furniture in rooms that aren’t a traditional square doesn’t have to be a struggle — in fact, that’s when you can really let your creativity shine through! If you have a room or two that’s oddly shaped, we’ve got some furniture placement ideas to help you think outside the (pun intended) box. 

While we absolutely love the furnishings we provide for your home, we also have a passion for the pieces that go into your office and workspace also. 

In 1737, twenty families would step off of the planks of the ship that would deliver them into the new world of North America from the shores of the Netherlands. By 1770, a total of 100 Amish families would make the long voyage.

One of the values that motivates an Amish community is maintaining their simple lifestyle and passing their traditions and skills down to their children, so that they may eventually build a life with their families.

Starting to think about the holidays? Do you have enough seating?