The Amish have an interesting way of life and seemingly have mastered surviving off the grid and while this way of life is unusual to most modern societies, there are many things to be learned to utilize within your daily lives! Diving into the Amish lifestyle, there are some genius housekeeping practices that you may want to adopt!

The holidays are a wonderful time to reconnect with family and loved ones, host a festive meal, decorate the house and spend time with your loved ones. Whether you’re prepping for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or any other holiday you celebrate, getting the house in order for guests to arrive can be a big job!

This is a guide to the most essential pieces of Amish furniture to have in your home so that you can have a place for everyone to eat, a comfortable place for guests to sleep, and lounge furniture for snuggling up with your family and watching “Elf” for the 10th time this year (it's little Jimmy's favorite!), sipping hot chocolate (or hot toddies!)

Many people who live in smaller homes don’t have the space or ability to cram a dining table in their homes. Fortunately, we have some tips for maximizing your small dining room spaces. Once you’ve cleared the space, head on over to our dining furniture page by clicking here to check out our Amish dining furniture made with only the highest quality woods and stains.

When you think of traditional Amish furniture, you may simply use the word “Amish” style furniture to describe any and all types of furniture handcrafted by the Amish, but there are distinct styles of this type of furniture. There are 3 main styles of Amish furniture, and you may already know two of them- Shaker and Mission. The third main type however, is known as Modern or Midcentury. You may think that it’s hard to find Amish crafted furniture in a “modern” style, but you’d be surprised, as there are many crafters who specialize in modern style furniture making.

Keep reading on to learn more about the most popular styles of Amish Furniture! 

When you’re looking for a piece of Amish furniture to buy, there’s no doubt you’ve considered your favorite wood type. With so many types of wood used in furniture today, the possibilities are endless.

As we’ve discussed in the past, the Amish grow and maintain their own centuries old forests where they harvest the wood they use for their craft. Any wood that is chosen by Amish craftspeople is carefully selected for quality, appearance and durability. You will never find shoddy Amish made furniture!

Most Amish furniture is made of hardwoods, and that lends to the durability and quality of the furniture and is the reason it all lasts for generations. They use a variety of cuts in order to get a specific pattern or look, such as “rough sawed” and “quarter cut.”

No two pieces of Amish furniture are alike, and there are many woods, stains, and styles used in the craft.