With Spring in full swing and warmer days approaching, you may be starting to think about breaking out your outdoor furniture you’ve had in storage all winter. You get into your storage unit or shed and find that it needs some updating or has some type of damage from the long, cold winter. What do you do?

If it’s been a while since you last refreshed your patio or deck furniture, do not despair! Here at Heartland Amish Furniture, we’ve got loads of high-quality, made in America outdoor furniture, and we’re receiving new shipments frequently! If you’re looking to buy but you’re not sure where to start, read our guide on choosing the best outdoor furniture for your needs!

1. Cheap furniture will cost you more in the long run. Maybe your old patio furniture was all you could afford at the time, but now that it’s seen better days (less than a few years,) you’re ready to upgrade. When considering your budget, aim for higher quality items, but don’t be fooled into thinking that just because something is expensive, that it’s the highest quality stuff on the market. That’s not always the case. Do your research!

2. Some chair legs are too skinny for decks. One thing to keep in mind when you are considering making an outdoor furniture purchase is the size and weight of the furniture you are looking for, as well as being mindful of the materials on your deck or patio. If you like a wrought-iron bistro set, but the natural gaps in the wood on your deck are too large for the legs, you will undoubtedly have unstable furniture that may not work well for your needs, or feel unsafe. Better safe than sorry, we always say, so definitely think about the materials and size of your deck before committing to that oh-so-adorable garden bistro set.

3. Think about the weather in your geographic area and purchase accordingly. If you live in a windy, stormy area, you may think twice about purchasing that light-weight wicker or plastic set you found at a big box store. The same goes for if you live in a wet and humid environment—not all materials are compatible with that kind of adversity, such as metal which could rust. Now if you live in a windy, but dry area, well, iron may work for you. Ideally, you’ll want to choose something that is “all-weather.”

4. Ensure you have a rainy-day plan. You love cushions, pillows and anything soft and fluffy. Awesome! BUT do you have the storage space to keep cushions out of the elements during inclement weather? Just something to think about on your outdoor furniture buying journey.

5. Last but not least; you’ve found a set that matches well with your needs and the weather of your area, you have a storage plan, and you can’t wait to go outside, now what? We’re glad you asked. One thing to keep in mind once you’ve pulled the trigger on your favorite set, is to ensure you keep it out of the “line of fire”.

This means, if you have a fire pit or other heat source on your deck or patio, make sure that furniture stays as far away from it as reasonably possible, especially when you aren’t there to keep an eye on things. Another “line of fire” item is to be aware of any potential passing birds or critters overhead that may poop on your things—birds eat lots of berries that could stain, and well, that could be problematic for those cushions you love so dearly.

Investing in something with stain resistant, easy to clean and spill proof fabric will increase your chances of keeping your outdoor furniture well maintained for years to come. Good furniture is an investment—especially hand-crafted, sustainable, made in America, high-quality Amish furniture. 

Happy Spring!