Placing furniture in rooms that aren’t a traditional square doesn’t have to be a struggle — in fact, that’s when you can really let your creativity shine through! If you have a room or two that’s oddly shaped, we’ve got some furniture placement ideas to help you think outside the (pun intended) box. 

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Let the shape of the room determine furniture placement. Step away from traditional furniture configuration, and let the room tell you what should go where. If the shape of the room won't allow for a coffee table, place smaller tables in the area around the couch and chairs. And don’t be afraid to pull furniture away from the walls and group it in the center of the room.

Decide what you want the focal point of the room to be. It may be an interesting architectural feature, such as a large picture window or built-in bookcase, or it could be your entertainment center. Arrange your furniture in a way that everything centers on that point.

Consider the proportions of the room. If your room has one wall that’s much longer than the others, place your longest piece of furniture against the longest wall and then situate other pieces of furniture in order of descending size. For instance, a king size bed can be set against the longest wall of a bedroom, the dresser against the next longest wall, with perhaps a small chair or decorative table along the smallest wall.

Create areas for different functions. Place one or two small chairs in the corner of an odd-shaped room for a reading nook. Raise the bed in a child’s room to create enough space underneath for a fort. You can also break up an unusually large space with a piece of furniture. A long table, couch, or a low bookcase can turn one room into two!

Have a piece custom made for your room. We can craft a piece of furniture to exactly fit any space — you choose the wood, finish, hardware and other custom features, and we’ll design it just for you.

Want to test drive the layout of your room before you start moving furniture? A room-planning app can be a useful tool. We found some good suggestions at

Remember, let your imagination be your guide, and have fun!