Have you recently started to consider custom furniture and are trying to decide where in Asheville to go? You have come to the right place in Western North Carolina when you come to Heartland Amish Furniture. 

Making the decision to furnish with custom Amish furniture is an excellent way to support craftsmanship. Amish furniture is made in the United States by skilled builders using methods not widely practiced. Supporting these builders helps keep the art of making fine hardwood furniture alive, in an era of fast fashion and mass produced goods. The Amish use sustainably sourced materials in their furniture, which lessens the environmental impact.

Beyond this, customized furniture allows you to specify a piece that will fit your home exactly as you need. Our furniture can be made with a variety of wood types and finishes to fit your preference. The best of both worlds is that customization lets you choose exactly what you while knowing you are getting a unique piece of excellent quality hardwood furniture.

Come see what we can dream up for your home at Heartland Amish Furniture in Asheville. Randy Sain will draw it up as discuss it with you every step of the way!