When you’re considering your next piece of handcrafted Amish furniture for your home, you’ll probably notice that many of our dressers, cabinets, and tables have soft close drawers. Soft close drawers are just another way you can tell that you’re investing in high-quality furniture that’s built to last.

Soft close drawers have been installed with glides that prevent them from slamming shut — the glides gently and automatically pull the drawer closed the last few inches. The drawer glides can be side mounted or undermounted. While side-mounted glides are easier to install, undermounted glides have no visible hardware and allow drawers to be slightly wider.

Soft close drawers will:

Extend the life of the drawer by minimizing stress on the hinges, drawer rails, and drawer stops. They also protect the finish of the drawer.

Ensure that the drawers will always be closed — no more half open drawers that draw attention away from the beauty of your furniture and are a nuisance!

Add to the value of the furniture, since more care and consideration are taken when installing them.

Help the items in the drawer stay organized and protect any fragile items from being damaged.

Keep kids’ (and adults’) fingers safe. No more slamming your fingers in a drawer!

Soft close drawers are just one of the many high-end features of our handmade Amish wood furniture. To find your next heirloom-quality piece, shop online or visit our showroom!